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         Vol. 2 Issue 4       October 2014                                           
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Exploring Links among Inventory and Financial Performance in The Agricultural Machinery Industry  

Full Text (PDF)

Dimitris Folinas and Chia-Yi Shen

Economic Impact Assessment of Integrated Crop Management Farmer Field School Program on Corn Production in Indonesia  Full Text (PDF)

I Ketut Kariyasa

Technical Efficiency and Farm Size Productivity- Micro Level Evidence from Jammu & Kashmir  

Full Text (PDF)

Mohammad Sultan Bhatt and Showkat Ahmad Bhat

Economics of Dairy Farming in Turkey Full Text (PDF)

Özgür Bor

Payment for Ecosystem Service for Carbon Credits from Italian Olive Groves: Some Issues Regarding the Mode of Payment  Full Text (PDF)

Silvia Coderoni, Davide Longhitano and Adele Vinci

Nonparametric Model for Measuring Impact of Inputs Density on Egyptian Tomato Production Efficiency

Full Text (PDF)

Mohamed Altabei Alboghdady

Adoption and Impact of Agricultural Technologies on Farm Income: Evidence from Southern Tigray, Northern Ethiopia  Full Text (PDF)

Berihun Kassa Hailu, Bihon Kassa Abrha and Kibrom Aregawi Weldegiorgis

Effects of Capital Flight and Its Macroeconomic Determinants on Agricultural Growth in Nigeria (1970-2013)  

Full Text (PDF)

Francis Robert Usman and Chukwuemeka John Arene

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