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Vol. 8 Issue 2 April 2020                                          

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Can African Indigenous Vegetables Contribute to Nutrition Security? A Policy Perspective  (Full Text)

Nancy Munyiva Laibuni, Turoop Losenge and Wolfgang Bokelmann

How Much Do Food Prices Matter for Men’s and Women’s Body Weight?  (Full Text)

Sebastien Buttet and Veronika Dolar

The Socio-Economic Assessment to Evaluate the Potentiality of Developing the Rural Community in Upper Egypt  

(Full Text)

Walid Sallam and Osama Ahmed

Total Factor Productivity Change in Greek Crop Production Using a Fare-Primont Index Analysis  

(Full Text)

Ioanna Reziti

A Multiple Model Approach for Future Potential Distribution of HLB:  South America Case Study  

(Full Text)

Guillermo Heit, Walter Fabián Sione and Pablo Gilberto Aceñolaza

Small-Scale Producers of Quality Products with Potential of Geographical Indication Protection in Tanzania  

(Full Text)

Innocensia John, Razack Lokina and Henrik Egelyng