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Vol. 7 Issue 3 July 2019                                          

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Impact of Agricultural Policies on Crop Productivity and Food Security in Malawi, 1964-2014  Full Text (PDF)

Henry Geoffrey Hunga and Richard J. Culas

Preference and Willingness to Pay for Drought Assistance in California’s Central Valley Full Text (PDF)

Pei Xu and Todd Lone

Production Evolution and Export Performance of Brazil Nut in the Brazilian Amazon  Full Text (PDF)

Marcos Antônio Souza dos Santos, Jorge Alberto Gazel Yared, Antônio Cordeiro de Santana, Fabrício Khoury Rebello and Andréia Santana Bezerra


Convergence of Foodgrains Productivity in Indian Agriculture Full Text (PDF)

Debabrata Mukhopadhyay and Nityananda Sarkar

Management of Climatic Risks and Its Effects on Agricultural Productivity: Evaluating the Impacts of Government Policy  Full Text (PDF)

Ezdini Sihem

Climate and Government's Guaranteed Price Policy Effects on the Major Oilseeds Cultivation Area and Land Rental in Iran   Full Text (PDF)

Saeid Satari Yuzbashkendi