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Vol. 7 Issue 2 April 2019                                          

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Estimating Economic Efficiency under Risk for Agricultural Cooperatives   Full Text (PDF)

Krishna Prasad Pokharel, Allen M. Featherstone and David W. Archer

International Trade and Food Security: Can Public Stockholding Be Dismissed?  Full Text (PDF)

Tekuni Nakuja and William A. Kerr

Land Use and Profitability in Wheat Production:The Australian Wheat-Sheep Zone  Full Text (PDF)

Richard Culas and Krishna Prasad Timsina

Are Consumers Willing to Pay More for Traceability? Evidence from an Auction Experiment of Vietnamese Pork Full Text (PDF)

Thi Phuong Dong Khuu, Yoko Saito, Naoki Tojo, Phuong Duy Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Hoa Nguyen and Takashi Fritz Matsuishi

Domestic Investment in the Agricultural Sector and Economic Growth in Tunisia  Full Text (PDF)

Samir Abdelhafidh and Sayef Bakari

Cointegration and Price Linkages in the Mercosur Beef Cattle Markets  Full Text (PDF)

Bruno A. Lanfranco, Bruno Ferraro and Francisco Rostán