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Vol. 6 Issue 4 October 2018                                          

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Long-Term Choices for Quinoa Farmers in Puno, Peru. A Real Options Study  Full Text (PDF)

Anca Balietti, Marc Chesney and Carlos Vargas

The Effect of Oxen on Agricultural Productivity and Farm Income in Nicaragua Full Text (PDF)

Pablo A. Garcia-Fuentes, Yoshi Fukasawa, Edgar A. Martinez Rodriguez, Conney Vargas and Rodrigo Mireles

The Relationship between Economic Growth, Human Capital, and Agriculture Sector: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia Full Text (PDF)

Abdul Bashir, Didik Susetyo, Suhel and Azwardi

The Impact of the Agricultural Sector in Developing Countries That Produce Natural Gas on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Full Text (PDF)

Marzieh Ronaghi, Sayed Saghaian, Michael Reed and Hossein Mohammadi

Rice Output Response to Commercial Loan to Agriculture in Nigeria from 1966 to 2015 Full Text (PDF)

Abraham Emmanuel Okpe, Orefi Abu and Innocent Uwaegbuonu Odoemenem

Adoption of Improved Beehive Technology in Ethiopia:  Evidence from Kaffa, Sheka and Bench-Maji Zones  Full Text (PDF)

Kassa Tarekegn, Amenay Assefa and Engida Gebre

Early Adoption of Bt Cotton and the Wellbeing of Cotton Farmers in Pakistan  Full Text (PDF)

Hina Nazli, Rakhal Sarker, David Orden and Karl Meilke

Book Review:Sustainability of Farming Enterprises in Bulgaria   Full Review (PDF)

Reviewed by Shengquan Che