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Vol. 2 Issue 2       April 2014                                           

The Impact of The Recent Federal Reserve Large-Scale Asset Purchases on the Agricultural Commodity Prices: A Historical Decomposition   Full Text (PDF)

Sayed H. Saghaian and Michael R. Reed

The Determinants of Households’ Food Consumption in Greece  Full Text (PDF)

Ioannis Kostakis

Imputation Methods and Approaches: An Analysis of Protein Sources in the Mexican Diet

Full Text (PDF)

Jose Antonio Lopez  

Productivity Management Analysis of Cacao Agro-Food System in Tabasco, Mexico: An Application of The ‘Fitness’ Approach  Full Text (PDF)

César J. Vázquez Navarrete and Sanzidur Rahman

Monthly Price Analysis of Cowpea (Beans) and Maize in Akwa Ibom State, Southern Nigeria   

Full Text (PDF)

Sunday Brownson Akpan, Edet Joshua Udoh and Udoro Jacob Udo

Market Price Cointegration of Tomato: Effects to Nepalese Farmers Full Text (PDF)

Rudra Bahadur Shrestha, Wen-Chi Huang and Raju Ghimire

Process of Global Shocks Transmission to Domestic Food Price Level: Case of Bangladesh  

Full Text (PDF)

Fakir Azmal Huda

Impact of Maize Import Tariff Policy Changes on Production and Consumption in Indonesia: A Multimarket Model Analysis  Full Text (PDF)     

Sintya Jummoni Krissanty Umboh, Dedi Budiman Hakim, Bonar Marulitua Sinaga and I. Ketut Kariyasa

Towards Nutrition Security: Food Label Use among Nigerians  Full Text (PDF)

Abraham Falola

An Exploration of Factors Affecting Development of Citrus Industry in Tanzania: Empirical Evidence from Muheza District, Tanga Region  Full Text (PDF)

Robert Makorere

Comparative Study of the Determinants of Capital Structure of Quoted and Unquoted Agro-Based Firms in Nigeria  

Full Text (PDF)

NsikanEdet Bassey, Chukwuemeka John Arene and Aniekan Jim Akpaeti

An Estimation of Technical Efficiency of Garlic Production in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan

Full Text (PDF)

Nabeel Hussain, Shahid Ali, Naveed Miraj and Muhammad Sajjad